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  • Promoting health during healing

    Prevent stress with Keppy Family Chiropractic Care in Aurora Colorado

    Last month’s issue we talked about how true healing takes time! Are there things you can do to help promote faster healing and growth during those times? Yes! When looking at healing from a subluxation (spinal misalignment that causes nervous system interference) point of view, the three stressors that cause dis-ease are thoughts, traumas and […]

  • Are we there yet?

    Are we there yet?

    The dreaded question from the back seat on a long road trip – “Are we there yet?!” Although many of us can relate to being asked this often repetitive question, we often don’t realize we sometimes ask the very same question in regards to our healing! We currently live in a very fast-paced instant gratification […]

  • Feeling the winter blues?

    Beat the winter blues, tips from Keppy Family Chiropractic.

    Often time February can be a month that people find themselves with the winter blues. There is still shorter days and less sunshine and even though we know spring is around the corner, it usually can’t come soon enough! Here are a few things you can do to help keep your emotional state happy! 1. […]