New Patients under chiropractic care

Chiropractic Techniques


Dr. Keppy uses both traditional (hands-on) chiropractic adjustments as well as low-force (instrument) adjusting. Since every person is different, the type of adjustment that works best for them may vary. Dr. Keppy is gentle in her approach to your body. Below are a few of the techniques that Dr. Keppy uses in her office.


Diversified technique is a high-velocity, low force hand-on adjustment to the spine. It is one of the most common techniques used by a chiropractor. This technique often results in a cavitation or “popping” noise. The technique uses specific lines of drive allowing for a specific adjustment.

Torque Release

Torque Release is a technique based on gentle touch and light thrusting by using a hand-held instrument called an Integrator. The Integrator reproduces the thrust and movement components of the classic chiropractic method of adjusting by hand, at a speed of 1/10,000th of a second. This low-force adjusting method allows the nervous system to better integrate and understand new corrective information and to process it throughout the spinal cord and brain.

Neuro Cranial Integration

NCi is a specific technique that aligns the cranial bones, brain and nervous system. The re-alignment takes tension off the nervous system, releases cranial, fascial and muscle tissue fixations, and returns proper cerebrospinal fluid flow throughout the spine and entire body. When pressure is taken off the brain, it can do its job more efficiently and allow the body to function at a higher level.

Extremity Adjusting

Although the spine is the primary focus of the chiropractor, other joints in your body may need to be adjusted as well (such as knees, ankles, elbows and wrists). Dr. Keppy uses a hand-held instrument called an Activator to help restore the proper biomechanics of the joint for optimal healing.

Cranial Adjusting   

Yes, your head can be adjusted as well!  These adjustments are very gentle and use a very light touch, but are very effective.

Webster Technique

 Webster technique is certified through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. The Webster Technique is a specialized chiropractic technique for pregnant mamas. It works to align your pelvis which helps give your baby maximum room to grow and develop. It also assists with optimal positioning of your baby to prepare for a healthy, safe birth.

Since every person is different, the type of adjustment that works best for them may vary.  Dr. Keppy will adjust you in the way she feels your body will respond best and that will produce the greatest healing results!