Beat the winter blues, tips from Keppy Family Chiropractic.

Feeling the winter blues?

Often time February can be a month that people find themselves with the winter blues. There is still shorter days and less sunshine and even though we know spring is around the corner, it usually can’t come soon enough! Here are a few things you can do to help keep your emotional state happy!

1. Get outside. Even if it is not sunny out, still getting in the outdoors can be mood boosting. If it happens to not be too cold outside (and the ground isn’t covered in snow!) walking barefoot outside can also produce positive effects in your body.

2. Eat more vegetables. Typically when you don’t feel your best you crave sugar and carbs (comfort food!). Although these can produce temporary happiness, overall it will leave you feeling worse. Try to focus on getting more vegetables in your diet (organic is best!) to help feed your body the necessary nutrients it needs to function well.

3. Practice Gratitude. What you focus on grows! Spend some time writing down or thinking of that which you are thankful for. Take a moment and thank somebody- you will feel better too!

4. Get adjusted. Making sure your nervous system is functioning optimally! Although we often speak of the brain-body connection we must not forget the body-brain connection! If the signals to your brain are distorted from a subluxation in your spine, your brain will not function as well which can lead to “brain fog” and fatigue. Getting adjusted on a regular basis can help your mood stay positive!

5. Smile. Try it right now! Even if you don’t feel like smiling – smile! Even if it is “fake.” Did you know you can “trick” your body into believing you are happy just by smiling? Yep! Try smiling for at least 1 minute – you may be surprised how instantly you feel better!

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