Photo of buildings = Marketplace towers
Our office is conveniently located in the area of I-225 and Parker Road in Aurora.
You can find us at Parker Rd and Dartmouth Ave.  Our office is found inside the Marketplace Towers.  
We are located inside the first tower, Tower 1 (3033).
Here is a map of our location.  


This is an aerial view of the Marketplace Towers.  Both buildings are marked on the picture. 
There is (free) parking located all around the building.
Most prefer to park in the front of the building (yellow circle). This is where the main entrance of the building is.
If this parking is full, please feel free to park in the green circled section.
If you need the handicapped entrance, please park in the blue circled section and enter through the doors on that side of the building. 
Aerial photo of parking at the marketplace