Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

The dreaded question from the back seat on a long road trip – “Are we there yet?!”
Although many of us can relate to being asked this often repetitive question, we often don’t realize we sometimes ask the very same question in regards to our healing!

We currently live in a very fast-paced instant gratification society. We want it done yesterday. When it comes to our healing – due to the often “quick-fix” of medications – it seems to take way longer than we would like it to. Why is that?!

First of all let’s look at what healing actually is! Healing is your body returning to it’s natural, normal state. A state of ease. A state of health. Healing is NOT just feeling better. Do medications heal you? No! Medications can help heal you in certain instances (such as the proper use of antibiotics) but if you are on a medication that you take every day – it is not healing you! It is merely helping your body with symptoms.

When we look at true healing (HEALTH care), it is a process. And processes take time. Often times when someone comes into our office with a particular condition/pain/disease/sickness it has actually been there for quite sometime, even if the individual has only experienced symptoms for a short amount of time. Most diseases take quite some time to show symptoms! But remember – symptoms are the body’s sign that it is trying to heal (which is good!)! We want to work to treat the cause of the problem, not just relieve symptoms.

Healing often time takes months or years, not just hours or days. And it doesn’t always look or feel great – sometimes there are setbacks Be patient with yourself while you are healing. It is a journey.

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