Silhouette of a person jumping across hilltops

Trying New Things!

This month’s focus is on trying new things!  It is SO, so good for your brain to try new things.  We often get stuck in the mundane of our day to day tasks and our brains easily turn to auto pilot.  Have you ever driven somewhere and then thought – “Wow I have no recollection of actually getting here?”  That is our wonderful subconscious mind on auto pilot, living life for us.

Our subconscious mind is great and it allows us to learn a task well and then the ability to do it without much thought, thus conserving brain energy.  But the problem arises when we get stuck in doing the same things over and over and over again.  One may ask, is that truly living?  Are we on auto-pilot all the time?

That’s why this month we are encouraging everyone to try some NEW things!  This of course can be anything big or small!  It could be something as simple as taking a different route to work on sleeping on the other side of the bed.  It could be something BIG like finally doing that one thing you have been wanting to experience like taking a trip or trying a new food.  And don’t just do ONE new thing – try to do something new every day!  Get those brain juices flowing!  You may discover a new habit that makes your life easier or find you are a lot happier living consciously.  

If you know someone who has never tried chiropractic care, or the type of care we offer in our office -encourage them to come make an appointment!  Health is our greatest wealth and we love to get to the root cause of problems and help people heal!    When our community is a healthier place, it is also a happier place.

What new thing will you try today?