picture of headphones around a red heart

Listening to Music

This month we are reflecting on music!  The music that we choose to listen to can profoundly affect our moods, energy and outlook on life.  

We all know that what we put into our body matters.  We usually think this about the food we eat and the liquids we drink.  But what we put into our MINDS matters as well.  The types of music that we choose to listen to can definitely affect our thought patterns and moods.  It is a great time this month to reflect on how the music you listen to makes you FEEL.  Most of us vary in our music tastes and a lot of us enjoy a wide variety of genres.  Knowing how certain types of genres or songs affect your mood can definitely be helpful.  It can be fun to try out different types of music and see how it makes you feel.  

A great idea is to create a mood-boosting uplifting playlist of all your favorite songs so you can put it on whenever you are feeling low.  Also creating a relaxing playlist can be super helpful as well.  Sometimes when we need a shift it needs to be EASY and having a preset playlist can definitely help with that!

It’s also a good idea to really listen to the words of the music you choose.  Is it helpful?  Is it kind?  Is it uplifting?  Sure we all like certain songs that maybe aren’t the best on lyrics but we love the beat!  But we do need to be careful in protecting our mind from the messages that certain lyrics can contain.  As with everything – moderation is key!

So have fun listening to music this month and being grateful for all the amazing tunes out there!  Enjoy reminiscing on what memories come to the surface with certain songs.  And pick those songs that lift you up the most often!!