Picture of wooden blocks with the numbers 2024 on them

Reflection and Looking Ahead

It seems as though the years go by faster and faster!  Already we are finishing up 2023 and heading for a New Year in a matter of weeks!  

Although December tends to be a very busy season for most of us, it is also a really good time to slow down and reflect.  With the winter solstice (the longest night of the year) our bodies are yearning for peace and rest.  Less light is a perfect time to slow down, catch our breath and focus on what truly matters.  Unfortunately our lives tend to yield to the crazy busy holiday time and the stress to make everything look as perfect as we can.  Endless to do lists, shopping, events and gatherings can leave us feeling more burned out than before.  

What we can do about this?  Set aside intentional time to pause.  And if you find yourself miserable and unable to do this, know that something needs to change!  A time of reflection may just reveal that.  Maybe next year things needs to be different!  But if we don’t take the time to notice that, we will continue to repeat the same patterns over and over again.

Are you happy?  Are you grateful?  Is your life in a place where you are content?  If not – what can change?  Some seasons of life are HARD and sometimes it is a matter of enduring them.  But often times a lot of things can be changed and produce wonderful results.

What are you looking forward to next year?  What do you want to focus on?  As always, we challenge everyone to pick a word to focus on in the upcoming year.  Picking a word is a lot less daunting than writing down a bunch of new years resolutions.  And it is always fun to see how that particular word plays out through the year.  Take a little bit of time and reflect.  We can’t wait to hear what you pick!