feet on sand standing by the ocean

Focusing on Grounding

This month we want you to get outside and get those feet on the earth!  Grounding, also known as earthing, actually has a ton of proven health benefits!   And the nice part is it is SUPER easy – all it requires is you to go outside and hang out with your shoes off!  You can also sit or lay on the ground as well!  

Why does grounding work?  Well as you probably know our bodies are full of electrical signals (bonus if you know which system carries messages through the body)(the nervous system!).  Our earth also has electrical activity in the form of negative ions.  By placing our (bare) feet on the ground we are able to absorb energy from the earth which can help us to stay healthy.  

What type of health benefits do they see with grounding?  Decreased inflammation, better sleep, reduction of free radicals in the body, more energy, better mood, reduced stress and improved wound healing to name a few!  It is best if you can ground for 15 minutes or more to feel the best effects.  And as with anything, the more often you do it the more benefits you will receive.  

Some other ideas for grounding include swimming (natural water is best!), gardening (with your hands in the dirt!), hugging a tree! (that may be hard for 15 minutes!) and the simple act of laying on the ground.  Cement and wood unfortunately do not count – you do need direct contact with dirt/grass/sand/water.  Shoes (unless leather soles) block most of the electricity as well which is why barefoot is important.  

Grounding has such great health benefits that you can actually buy grounding sheets, mats and footwear to help experience the positive effects for longer.  Still though, nothing beats the real thing!

How about it?  Can you take some time today to get some fresh air, sunshine and dirt between your toes?  Your body will thank you!