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Chiropractic care during pregnancy can be one of the best things you can do for you and your baby!

Pregnancy is often one of the most exciting and eventful moments of a woman’s life.  To be a part of the miracle of life is like no other!  It can also be a very challenging time for women as they take care of both themselves and their growing babies.

Chiropractic care nourishes both mom and baby.  Mom’s body is constantly undergoing change as hormones fluctuate and her belly grows.  Some women experience nausea, back aches, swelling, digestive challenges and many other symptoms that can make day-to-day life challenging.  One of the best things women can do for themselves during their pregnancy is to be under regular chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care supports a woman’s body structurally as her body changes with her baby’s growth. Chiropractic adjustments align her pelvis to help baby grow and get proper nourishment. By keeping her nervous system free of interference, this supports her physiology (how her organs function) as well as her emotional health.

Dr. Keppy is certified in the Webster Technique through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.  The Webster Technique is a specialized chiropractic technique for pregnant mamas. It works to align your pelvis which helps give your baby maximum room to grow and develop.  It also assists with optimal positioning of your baby to prepare for a healthy, safe birth.

Pregnancy can be hard on your body and women under chiropractic care report having easier pregnancies and births!  With your spine aligned properly, your nervous system is able to function optimally resulting in greater health and comfort.

4th trimester

The months following the birth of your baby can be referred to as the “4th trimester.”  This can be yet another challenging time for your body.  You spent 9 months (give or take) growing a baby and now your body has to return to its new normal!  Your hormones are fluctuating and surging and your body is working not only to heal you but also to nourish your little one!  Lack of sleep, new schedules, learning to breastfeed can all have a great affect.  Dr. Keppy can support you during this time to help your body in these processes, and make your healing quicker.  Many women forget to take care of themselves during this time – but it is so important!  Taking care of you will benefit your baby greatly!  Let us help you!


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The best time to get checked by a chiropractor is at birth!  Your baby made his or her entrance into the world and is ready to GROW!  Getting checked by a chiropractor at a very young age will ensure the best chance for proper growth and development.

Your baby is growing each and every day at such an accelerated rate – we want to ensure that he or she is doing it in the best way possible!  If your baby has their nervous system working optimally then they will be at their greatest health potential!

The birth process itself unfortunately can be traumatic to your baby’s nervous system.  Even with a “normal” vaginal birth, your baby’s head and neck may have undergone force or twisting during birth.  Babies born into the world via ceasarean section, medicated births or forceps have a higher incidence rate of trauma often due to the force used during delivery.

With three children of her own, Dr. Keppy has seen the benefit of adjusting her children since birth.  Many people have never heard of getting their babies checked by a chiropractor but she can attest that it is such an amazing and beneficial healing art!  Adjustments for a baby are very gentle and many times babies will sleep right through them!

Although even healthy babies should be checked by a chiropractor, signs that your baby may have subluxations (spinal misalignments) can be difficulty nursing, colic, ear infections, reflux or recurring sicknesses.

How can your baby benefit from chiropractic care?  Call us today and find out!

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