Hands drawn on a chalkboard clapping and thumbs up

Celebrating Small Wins

When is the last time you celebrated YOU?  If you have recently had a birthday or accomplished something BIG you probably know exactly when. Otherwise it may be hard to think of the last time you took the time to tell yourself a job well done!  This month we are focusing on celebrating the small accomplishments in life. Those small wins over time add up to huge wins!

Maybe you crossed something off your to-do list that has been there for awhile or got up 15 minutes earlier to exercise.  Maybe you said NO instead of overscheduling yourself. Maybe you got adjusted this month!  Anything that took effort is something you can be proud of!  But .. why celebrate it?  For one, what you give your attention to GROWS.  It is easy to focus on what went wrong or all the things you have yet to do.  But if we focus on what we ARE doing well and positively reinforce that through celebration, we just may find we shift our attitudes to more positive ones as well.

This also brings up a very good question on how DO you like to be celebrated?  Do you like to be told a job well done?  Have a special treat?  A gift?  A hug or high 5?  Everyone likes something different.  And your celebration does not have to be a big deal either if you don’t want it to be. You can have a dance party for yourself or have a small treat that makes you smile!

Get in the habit of celebrating all the GOOD in your life!  There is always, ALWAYS something to be grateful for.  You are doing an amazing job… keep it up!