Lessons from a Broken Table

As many of you know, my table in the office has not been working!  The table itself is great but the electrical portion unfortunately stopped working.  The table is designed to not only elevate up and down, but also rise to a vertical position (called hylo) for those who cannot easily get on the table.  It took a week and a half to get a company out who fixes tables to take a look and to my dismay, I was told the actuator was out and had to be replaced.  The biggest problem with that?  My table is on the older side (I purchased it used) and they no longer make it!  That means the company would need to find a used one.  After a week or so of searching they let me know the bad news – I would need to get a new table. Bummer!

The past few weeks I have spent researching the type of new table I wanted and getting ready to dole out a rather large sum of money to purchase it (I want the best for my patients!).  Meanwhile, my stepdad (who is super handy) came back into town (from a wonderful 6 week trip to Mexico with my mom) and offered to look at the table.  An hour later and some superglue and the elevation part of my table was fixed! What?!!  Hoooray!!!
foot contols

You see the problem wasn’t actually in the actuator at all!  The problem was in the foot plate in which I used to control the table’s function.

Upon closer inspection he saw that due to wear and tear of the foot plate, a small piece of plastic had broken off making a loose connection between the controls.  When you depress the button, a small piece comes out and completes the circuit and therefore makes the table work.  Since this was loose the connection wasn’t working and therefore neither was the table!  All he had to do was superglue the pieces together and hooray it now works!  The hylo portion (on the right) needs a bit more work (a replacement piece) to work but that will get done in time.

I couldn’t help but think how much this relates back to chiropractic care!  I love to talk about how important the connection between your brain and your body is!  If the connection is not clear, then your body doesn’t function optimally!  As with my table, the problem wasn’t in the brain (the actuator), it was in the nerve (the cord connection).  Once the connection was restored, so was the function of the table!  Dis-connect can happen often in the body due to many different types of stresses (thoughts, traumas and toxins).  Chiropractic care ensures these connections stay clear and connected so you can live your best life!  You do not have to have pain or symptoms to see a chiropractor – you can take a proactive approach to your health and STAY healthy.  We can stop the problem before it starts.

It’s amazing how one little piece of plastic breaking rendered my entire electrical portion of my table useless.  What little thing (or subluxation) in your life is keeping you from doing your best?  We love to help remove the interference in your life to help you keep going healthy and strong.  Who do you know that could benefit from this type of care?  We would love the opportunity to help!

-Dr. Keppy