It’s all Connected!

Recently I was watching a Netflix Documentary called The Root Cause.  In this documentary they talked about how each tooth in your mouth corresponds to a different part in your body.  For example, your canine teeth (both upper and lower) have a connection (through meridians in your body) to your liver and gallbladder.  In this documentary they found a high correlation to women with breast cancer having a root canal done in a tooth on the same side as the affected breast (the breasts are connected to the mouth in first and second molars – common areas for dental work).  Although there is much to discuss with this documentary and health, the point I want to make is – WOW!  EVERYTHING is connected!!

This is often something we say often in chiropractic (and it’s because it is true!).  A huge part of what I do through the chiropractic adjustment is helping your body have clearer connections.  For example, when I adjust your second cervical vertebrae it doesn’t just relieve pain or decrease muscle tension in that area. It does SO much more.  That particular nerve root area also has a huge influence on the sinuses and the throat.  And by adjusting that one alone, it also may affect another area of the body that was compensating for that subluxation (remember a subluxation is a misalignment in the spine causing interference in your nervous system/communication system).  DD Palmer (the founder of chiropractic) talked about how the adjustment “reunites the man physical with the man spiritual).  WOW!  An adjustment is so much more than “moving a bone” or “helping to get rid of headaches.”

What happens when your body is free (or freer) of interference to your nervous system?  Healing!  Connection.  Communication.   Health.  More energy.  More clarity.  I’m sure you have been on a static or choppy cell phone connection before.  How much more energy does it require trying to decipher what the other person is saying?  The same thing happens in your body.  If your brain cannot properly communicate to your organs and tissues (and vice versa) than more energy is expended to do basic functions.  Have you ever gotten the wrong message before?  You can imagine how over time that can wreak havoc in the body.

This is why chiropractic care can help everyone, not just those who have back pain.  It’s NOT about pain relief or reducing tension (although these are great side effects!).  It’s about helping you to live your best life.  It’s about keeping your body healthy and strong and functioning optimally.  Our health is one of our greatest gifts, let’s take care of it!

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