What do EMOTIONS have to do with chiropractic care?

Emotional health.  Getting adjusted.  How could these two be related at all?

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As stated in our previous newsletters, everything is connected!  Do you know subluxations can happen in the spine because of mental or emotional stress?  Absolutely!  And subluxations can cause you to not feel your best, which can also be an emotional drain.

One thing that separates Dr. Keppy from other chiropractors is that she also checks emotional health.  She typically uses The Emotion Code to help an individual release any trapped emotions. What is a trapped emotion you might ask?  First of all think about how everything in our world is energy.  Even the tool you are using to read this right now (your cell phone, computer, etc).  is made up of ENERGY.  It is hard to fathom how a seemingly solid object is truly vibrating energy, but it is!

Emotions are energy just like everything else (think of emotion as “energy in motion”).  Sometimes our bodies cannot process a particular emotion or we “stuff it down” instead of experiencing it.  This can result in a trapped emotion.  A trapped emotion is essentially  negative energy hanging out in the body.  It can be trapped anywhere in the body and can even cause physical symptoms.  Through muscle testing, the particular emotion can be recognized and then released through the aid of a magnet.  Muscle testing is accessing the subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is our “auto-pilot” and where most of us spend the majority of our day.  Have you ever driven to work and got there and realize you don’t even remember driving at all?  Thank you subconscious mind! We have TONS of information stored in our subconscious mind, and most of it would be things we would love to change.  Muscle testing is a great way to tap into this and help your body release things you no longer need.

What happens when you release a trapped emotion?  Your body has a greater ability to heal!  Often times people feel lighter – like a huge burden has been lifted (it has!).  Pain can go away instantly, diseases can heal and mindsets can shift – the possibilities are endless!

What is your body ready to release?  We would love to help!