But I don’t have time to come in!

Often times in the holiday season people get so busy that they let their normal health routines slide.  Because of the extra stress that the holidays bring, it seems to make sense to “make more time” by not exercising, not cooking healthy meals and not going to your chiropractic appointments.  But… this is the worse thing you could do!

Extra stress puts more of a load on your body.  Typically we think of more emotional/mental stress during the holiday season and yes it can have quite the effect!  Imagine for a moment sitting in bumper to bumper traffic and you are late for a meeting!  The car behind you keeps honking and people beside you keep trying to cut in.  How does that make you feel physically?  Ah yes – just even the thought of a stressful situation can increase your stress hormones.

We also often have a heavier toxic load on our bodies too – mainly due to increased sugar and fat intake.  Holidays often bring out lots of delicious goodies that normally aren’t always in our field of vision!  And part of celebrations is often partaking in that delicious food!

SO… with the knowledge of extra stress – what should you do?  Keep doing (or begin!) the things you do that keep you healthy.  Stick to your exercise routine (and maybe increase it by a few minutes). Keep your chiropractic appointments (or schedule one if it has been awhile!).  Remember – chiropractic care helps to increase your resistance so those extra stresses don’t affect you negatively.  Having an optimally functioning nervous system helps you to stay healthier and happier!

And just think.. if you keep up on everything you won’t feel guilty come January 1st when most people decide to START taking care of themselves!

Happy Holidays!holiday stress