Word up!  Do you have yours yet?

Yes it’s a brand new year and that means you need a new word of the year!

Every year we encourage everyone we know to pick a word to focus on for the year. This is typically easier and more successful than thinking of a bunch of new years resolutions (that most people unfortunately do not accomplish).  How do you pick a word of the year?  I find it’s easiest to pick from one of three different ways:

1- What is something you want to FOCUS on in 2017? (examples:  health, joy, success, peace)

2- What is something you would like to see MORE of in 2017? (examples:  abundance, happiness, movement)

3- If you were to look back at 2017 and had to describe it in one word, how would you want it described?  (examples: amazing, powerful, intentional)

There is no wrong way to do it!  And yes it is ok if it is more than one word!  It is also ok to change your word in the year if you find something that seems to suit you better.

Many find it easiest to sit down and brainstorm a bunch of words and then see what fits best.  The great news is if you come into the office Dr. Keppy can muscle test you to see if your word is indeed right for you!

After you have picked your word the next thing to do is find out how to keep it top of mind.  You could set a reminder on your phone that goes off a few times a week with your word to keep it in your conscious.  You could write your word in various places so you see it (in your bathroom, car, office, etc).  Think of some ways so you can be successful!

Dr. Keppy’s word of the year this year is CHOOSE.  (as in CHOOSE joy, abundance, happy thoughts, positive attitude, etc.).  Tobi’s word of the year is JOY.  Won’t you share your word with us?  Happy New Year!