picture of water being poured into a glass from a water bottle

Keeping Hydrated

Summer is here and the heat is turned UP! Staying hydrated is something most of us KNOW we need to do… but some still struggle with getting enough water in throughout the day.  And there is always the question – how much water IS enough??  Unfortunately since every individual is SO different there is no …

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tower of stones is front of a sunset

Focus on Spiritual Health

Spiritual health is not something people talk about very often, but it is in fact another facet of your health that is very important!  When we talk about spiritual health we are not talking about religion, although often times these two can be closely related.   A way to assess your spiritual health is by looking …

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jumprope and dumbbell on hardwood floor

Focus on Strength

Now is a great time to focus on physical STRENGTH.  Many people do make those new years resolutions and DO start working out (again) in January. This is great! (and even better if you stick to it!). Aerobic exercise is very important…. and so is adding exercise that builds strength.  When we focus on specific …

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And Breathe...

Remember to Breathe

November is here and for many that already starts the business of the holiday season.  Shopping, get togethers, plans, decorating, family… the lists are endless.  There is a reason that people tend to get sick this time of year and STRESS has a huge component of that. Think of how you feel when you are …

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