Jump in with both FEET!

Our Love Your Body Program has launched and this month we are focusing on loving your FEET! For some, this is easy. You may be one that constantly takes care of your feet. Or maybe you never even think about your feet or are embarrassed by them. Often times even the best foot caretaker tends to slack in the wintertime when our feet aren’t so visible. Now is a great time to show love for your feet!
Week 1 we focused on giving yourself a foot massage. Did you know your entire body is mapped out on your foot? It really is! Check out the reflexology chart below:

Reflexilogy chart

Pain or congestion in an area of your foot may correspond with a challenge in the corresponding organ/organ system. An experienced reflexologist is trained to know these points and by working them, can actually see positive results in other corresponding parts of the body. You can also use these points when you are feeling not well in your body. For example if you are having sinus issues you can rub the tops of the toes. Our bodies are SO cool!

One of the purposes of giving yourself a foot massage is to connect with your feet. When was the last time you consciously loved on your feet? Does it make a difference? Absolutely! Our thoughts are very powerful. Our feet do so much for us every single day! It’s often that we don’t realize this until we have an actual problem.

Week 2 we are focusing on assessing your shoes and your socks. First and foremost this is for the health of your feet. If you consistently wear shoes that are not good for your feet, your entire body might suffer! And sometimes we own shoes that started out really good for our feet, but over time have wore out and no longer provide us the support we need. This is a great time to go through your closet and get rid of shoes that no longer serve you. It may be helpful to purchase an insert in your shoe to better support your foot. This is also a great time to deodorize the shoes you do keep! Don’t forget to go to your sock drawer as well. Socks don’t have as much bearing on health per se, but getting rid of ones that have holes or are unmatched is a great energetic clearing.

Shoes that support our feet well will help the entire biomechanics of our body to work better. Other shoes…. well you be the judge from the photo below!

high heel

Keep loving on those feet! Remember, if you want to join the Love Your Body Program you can follow it on Facebook, our website, or reach out to us and we will put you on our weekly email/text list. go LOVE yourself!!