What’s LOVE got to do with it?

The Word LOVE
The Word LOVE

While driving on the interstate one day I saw a powerful sign. It was for cancer (of all things) and the sign was simple and to the point -“Love Heals.” Have you heard that before? Have you experienced it? I was astounded to see such a positive message about such an awful disease. But I agree with it. Many say that hate is the opposite of love. I believe the opposite of love is actually fear. Can fear exist in love, true love? And if fear were gone, would love prevail? And what does this have to do with our bodies?

It saddens me to see how many people don’t love their body. In fact, they despise certain parts of our body. One quick look at media will find you constantly bombarded with images of buying products because what you currently have “isn’t good enough.” What if instead of focusing on what we didn’t like, focusing on what we LOVE? That process becomes exceedingly more difficult when we have injury, disease or damage to certain areas of our bodies. Or if we feel that area has betrayed us. But those feelings of disdain are never helpful and in fact can be extremely harmful.

Thoughts are things. Thoughts are energy. Have you ever read about the work of Masaru Emoto? He did experiments with water and took pictures with a microscope to look at the formation of crystals. When he prayed or labeled the water with words like “Love” or “truth” the water formed beautiful crystals. When he labeled the water with words like “evil” or “you fool” the water did not form crystals at all and looked shockingly different. (you can look at his experiment here!) His conclusion was – if thoughts and words are powerful enough to change the water, and we are mostly made up of water, what are your thoughts doing to you?

What can we do about a lack of love for our bodies? Change it. Find things we DO love. Focus on the good. Focus on gratitude. Look for healing in ways we had never thought of before. And what better way to do this than with a whole community working together to have and show more love? Hence the birth of our new program – Love Your Body. We are going to take 3 months and focus on loving ourselves more. Are you in? You can either follow our Facebook page (we will post a weekly video) or if you prefer receiving a weekly email or text, reach out to us and we will add you to the list. Of course you can always sign up in office as well (and get an awesome prize to get you started!). We will launch Monday, February 5th. You are more than welcome to join at any time in the program. There is no gimmicks, no catches, no bait and switch. Just an opportunity to join in to have more love for yourself. What have you got to lose?