The Power of a Word

word pic

As the year is quickly coming to a close, it is a wonderful time to get ready for the new year.  If you have been with our practice for awhile, you know that every year we encourage everyone to pick a WORD to focus on for the upcoming year.  Why just one word?  Not only is it laser focused, but also easier to remember than a bunch of resolutions (which are of course a wonderful thing to do as well, if you can stick to them!).

How do you pick a word?

1- Did you choose a word this year?  If so, spend some time in reflection on how your WORD played out in your life over the year.  Was it a good fit?  Did you find it was helpful? Do you feel it played out to be a good reflection of your year?  Sometimes we pick a word and it ends up having a completely different meaning than we originally intended (it is so cool to see!).  Reflecting on the past sometimes can help us in making a decision in the future.

2- Ask yourself – what do I want to focus on or see more of in 2019?  Is there something you have been struggling with that you want to see resolve?  For example, did you find yourself rushed all year and now want to focus on enjoying every moment?  Did you find yourself not taking care of yourself and now want to focus on improving your health?  Once you start thinking you may have a word pop into your mind at random and you”ll just know it’s the right one.  Other people find it helpful to sit down in the quiet and spend some time in thought/prayer/meditation to find their word.  There is no wrong way!  Since word of the year has gotten more popular you can also do a google search to get ideas for words.

3- Try it out!  Once you have decided on a word or deciding from a few, try them out.  Take a day or two and see how that word might play out.  If you can’t decide between words Dr. Keppy can help you out by muscle testing which word fits you best!

4- Know it’s ok to change.  Sometimes people want so much to make sure it’s the RIGHT word , they never end up settling on a word.  If after a month it’s not a good fit, change it!  You can have a word of the month or a word of the quarter!

5- Don’t limit yourself!  Some people like to give a WORD for different areas of their lives.  A word for their business or job, a word for their family and a word for their health (etc.).  Whatever seems to be the best for you – do it!

Words hold power.  Focusing on a word every year has the potential to be life changing. So.. what’s your word? We would love to hear your word once you have chosen!!