Can Chiropractic Care Help With……?

Many times we get asked the above question.  You fill in the blank.  Can Chiropractic care help with pain? Asthma?  Infertility?  IBS?  Cancer?  ADHD?  The list is endless.  And the honest answer is…. “I don’t know!”  That’s helpful, right?  Let me explain….

If we just pose the question – “Can Chiropractic care help?” – the answer can (almost) always be a resounding YES!  Why is that?  Because regardless of the condition, having a well-connected nervous system is ALWAYS better than one that is not.  Is it easier to get important directions from someone who is in a noisy place, with static and jets flying overhead or someone who is speaking clearly and their surroundings are perfectly quiet?  Obviously the latter is much easier.  The same happens in your body.  If your brain is able to get clear signals to your cells, then your body works better.  Therefore, chiropractic care will help your body function and heal more efficiently.

When we look at a specific condition, we cannot always predict that an adjustment (or series of adjustments) will necessarily make an impact on that particular condition (or symptom).  There are MANY other factors in play and the fact is that YOUR body knows exactly what order to heal in (and we don’t get to pick that!).  But that is ok!  We know and trust that your body knows what it is doing – it has been doing it since conception!

More often than not, people who get regular chiropractic care heal exactly what they were hoping would heal!  Or at least notice a positive difference in their condition.  We do not adjust to get rid of any particular condition or symptom, we solely adjust to reconnect your brain with your body so you can heal and grow!  We heal from the inside out – and that is exactly how an adjustment works!

So bring in your asthma, your low back pain, your rashes, your coughs… we will help the most important system in your body (the nervous system!) work better so you can work better!  And we won’t even come along with a long list of terrible side effects to endure.  Our biggest side effect?  Better health!

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