Gratitude: It Does a Body Good!

In previous years we have talked about all the positive emotional benefits of gratitude.  This month our office has focused on sending thank you cards to people in our community.  (you still have this week left to get your cards sent out for the month of November!).  Sending out love always returns love!  But what happens when you have gratitude for yourself?

If you have been receiving this newsletter or have been part of our practice for awhile, we hope you joined us for our Love Your Body challenge.  Part of loving your body is having gratitude for your body.  If you stop and think about ALL the amazing things going on in your body RIGHT NOW you would be in awe!  Your heart is beating.  Your stomach and intestines are digesting.  Your lungs are taking in air and pushing out air.  Your kidneys are filtering your blood. We could go on and on and on!  Often times we don’t appreciate these things until they are not working correctly or feeling off.  Take just a moment to close your eyes and feel gratitude for all that is going on right now inside. Your body is working so hard for you every second of every day.  Sometimes we don’t understand why our body is doing certain things but know it is always working for your best.

In chiropractic we call this energy that runs your body innate intelligence.  Innate Intelligence is working to keep your body going every second of every day.  And did you know by getting adjusted it helps your innate intelligence work at (or closer to) 100%?  It is so awesome!  Chiropractic is not about getting rid of aches and pains – it’s about your whole body connecting and functioning at its best!

We are officially in the busy holiday season now.  Be sure to take the time to take care of YOU.  Putting yourself on the back burner to get all the “stuff” done is never worth it.  Be sure to keep your adjustments and think of a thing or two more you can do to ensure you are taking care of yourself.

Here at Keppy Family Chiropractic we are thankful for YOU!  Whether you are a current patient, past patient, future patient or just someone who likes to read our newsletters – thank you!  May your days be blessed!

Love, the Keppy family and the Wedow Family

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Keppy 2018


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