picture with gold glitter background and Word of the Year 2023

Happy Holidays And Word Of The Year!

2023 is quickly approaching! Are you ready?

As in previous years we love to focus and encourage everyone to pick a word to focus on in the new year.

Take some time to reflect on 2022 and think about what you want to focus on in 2023 or what you want to see more of in your life in the next year.

As always, make sure the word is a POSITIVE one. We want to focus on what we want, not on what we don’t want. If you are debating between a couple of words, Dr. Keppy can muscle test you on the words to see which on resonates the most with you!

Once you have your word make sure you write it down in numerous places so you can keep it top of mind throughout the year. It is a great idea to incorporate your word into some sort of creative expression such as a painting or drawing. It is often SO COOL to see how the word plays out through the year. And don’t worry – you can always change your word if you decide it is not quite the right one or if circumstances change.

A few examples are: Thrive, Peace, Joy, Flow, Focus, Amazing, Brave, Connection, Create, Love, Light, Celebrate, Fun

We are so excited to hear what you come up with!