picture of woman's hands holding a heart

Focusing on Kindness

This month we are focusing on kindness! 

If you have been coming to our office for awhile you know that typically November we focus on GRATITUDE and ask everyone to send a thank you card (or 2 or 3!) to someone in the community.  This year we decided to switch things up and focus on KINDNESS!  It has been a challenging past couple of years and most of it has not encouraged our community to band together, but stay our distance.  We thought this was a great opportunity to challenge everyone to find ways to show kindness this month. 

In our office this month we have “encourage cards” up for you to take with you.  You can hand them to a loved one or a stranger, or leave them some place for someone to see.  Maybe tape one up in a public bathroom stall, leave one at the table for your waiter/waitress or under someone’s windshield wiper.  We can’t wait to hear of creative ways you think of to do with them!  We also have thank you cards available if you would like to send or give one to someone as well!

  picture of kindness cards

One of the greatest things about kindness is it doesn’t have to cost anything and often times will come back to you.  It feels good to be kind, especially when you go forth with no expectations.  Maybe even make it a point to do something kind and expect nothing in return! 

Enjoy thinking of ways to show kindness and making our community and world a better place!  Be sure to share with us your stories!