picture of a heart drawn in sand at the beach

Creating a Self-Care Routine

The term “self-care” has gotten a lot of buzz over the past years. What exactly is it? Is it an excuse to be lazy and eat comfort food?

One thing is for sure, life doesn’t seem to be getting less busy for most of us. It appears though there are constantly a barrage of things taking our time and our energy. What is often most needed is a time of rest, or a pause. This is where self-care comes in. What is it that makes YOU feel taken care of?

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in life we aren’t even sure what it is that we need. If that is you, take the time to pause and to see what is lacking and then what makes you feel renewed. This answer will vary widely between people. If you create a routine around something that is helpful and refreshing to you, you will be more likely to stick to it.

Some people schedule appointments on a monthly or weekly basis to remain consistent to a practice which refreshes them. This could be massage, salon appointments, yoga sessions, acupuncture or our favorite – chiropractic care!

You can also think of a much smaller, daily basis. How about creating a nightly skin-care routine that you feel good about? Or committing to 10 minutes of deep breathing or meditation? Or even putting lotion on your skin in the morning to combat the dry Colorado air?

We challenge you this month to think about what you can add and take care of YOU. YOU matter. Your health is SO valuable. You deserve to be a priority.