100% or 93%?  It’s your choice!



Last Monday my family and I enjoyed the solar eclipse just north of the small town of Lisco, NE.  We got to experience 100% totality for just under 2 minutes.  It was truly a remarkable and unforgettable experience!

I will admit it – I did not really want to go.  It was a long drive and it seemed like a lot of effort for just 2 minutes! And what if it was cloudy out?!  My husband pushed for us all to go and I can say I am SO glad he did.  When we came back to Denver I was excited to hear about everyone else’s experience.  And let me tell you – what a difference there was in experience for those who watched it here in Denver at 93% and those who drove out of state to see it at 100% totality.  It was almost not even comparable!

This got me thinking about the nervous system (imagine that?!).  What a difference it is to be functioning at 100% vs functioning at 93%!  When subluxations occur in the spine, communication is blocked in the nervous system and your body can no longer express itself at 100%.  Often times this may not even come with obvious symptoms.  Many people just go on through life not knowing there is something even better.  There is!

When your brain and body can communicate clearly, you can experience life at an optimal level!  It may seem like a lot of work sometime – but it’s worth it!

And functioning at 100% does not have to be a once in a lifetime event.  It is something you can experience day after day with regular chiropractic care.  It’s not about getting out of pain or reducing symptoms… it’s about living and functioning at your best!

What do you say?  Do you want that for you?  For your spouse?  Your children?  Friends and family?  Imagine how much happier our world would be!  It is my mission to help save the world, one adjustment at a time!

-Dr. Keppy



eclipse photo