Did Popeye Know What he was Talking About?


What is one thing we all remember about Popeye the Sailor Man?  He ate SPINACH, right?  But why did he eat spinach?  Well he states that “I’m strong to the finish, cause I eats me spinach.”  So maybe his grammar isn’t so great – but he is right about spinach being so good for you!

Leafy green vegetables are what many consider to be a “superfood.”  A superfood is “a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.”  Leafy green vegetables (especially the dark ones) are packed full of amazing nutrients!  They are known for having an excellent source of vitamins A, C, K, B6, as well as calcium and magnesium. Many are packed with anti-cancer and cholesterol-lowering antioxidants.  Greens have very few carbohydrates in them and the ones that are are packed in layers of fiber so they are slow to digest, making you feel full longer.  They are highly alkaline which is essential in our highly-acidic American diet.  They can help improve circulation, cancer prevention, strengthened immune system and clear out congestion.  And since they contain mostly water – they are great to help your body hydrate!

Leafy greens can be eaten raw (usually best!), cooked or my favorite – blended up in a smoothie!  Kale can easily be made into “chips” with some olive oil, salt and your oven broiler.  Not sure which to try?  Here are some suggestions:

1. Spinach
2. Kale
3. Collards
4. Turnip Greens
5. Swiss Chard
6. Mustard Greens
7. Bok Choy
8. Watercress
9. Escarole
10. Arugula

Have you tried them all? We encourage you take that small step towards better health.  If we keep ourselves healthy by eating nutritious foods and make sure our nervous systems are functioning optimally through regular chiropractic adjustments, no doubt we will be “strong to the finish!”