Do I ALWAYS have to keep coming?

“I ate breakfast today, but I know my body needs continual nourishment, so I will continue to eat to make sure I stay as nourished, healthy and happy as possible.

I took a shower this morning, but I know my body will get dirty again, so I will continue showering to make sure I stay as clean, healthy and happy as possible.

I got checked and adjusted by my chiropractor this week, but I know my body requires a clear connection in all of the nerves between my brain and my body to keep working and healing properly, so I will also get checked in another week or two to make sure I am staying as clearly connected, healthy and happy as possible. ”  – Kevin Donka, DC

The above explains so simply why we encourage patients to participate in lifetime care.  Just like eating right and exercising, chiropractic care is a foundational part of health care.

Sure some people will choose only to continue care until they feel better – that is still better than turning to drugs or surgery for their health!  But to truly experience the far reaching benefits of care, one can begin to understand this once they continue with care past symptom relief.  Does your entire body work better with a clear, connected nervous system or with a jumbled, disconnected one?  You be the judge!

You only need to see a chiropractor as long as you want to experience the benefits of a happily functioning nervous system.  We are here to support you and your family in your health journey!  We only are given one body – let’s take great care of it!