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Which approach do you take to your health?

We live in a society that is highly focused on reactive care. Wait until your sick, don’t feel well, hurt or can’t function and THEN we will address what is going on. Unfortunately, our medical system tends to address only the symptoms even then and the cause is yet to be untouched. Drugs do not heal, our bodies heal. When we take a PROactive approach to our health we focus on maintaining our health TODAY and not waiting until things are falling apart. Proactive things would include things such as eating a balanced diet, getting adequate sleep at night and exercising daily.

Did you know another huge part in proactive health is seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis? Many people do use chiropractic care as a REactive approach to health (wait until they are hurting to come in) but it is an amazing avenue to prevent future problems and maintain health. Why is regular chiropractic care proactive? The purpose of chiropractic is to ensure your nervous system is working optimally by removing any interference (aka bad or poor connections). When your nervous system is working optimally, your brain and body stay maximally connected and you are more likely to keep growing stronger and healthier everyday!

This is why we also continually encourage parents to bring in their children for regular visits. If we can keep your child’s nervous system functioning well – they will too! That can equate to better sleep, fewer mood swings and an easier time at school. What are you waiting for?

Take charge of your strength

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