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Declutter for Health

Spring is finally here! That doesn’t always mean the snow is gone here in Colorado but at least we are finally seeing some warmer days! This month we are focusing on decluttering a space in a place where you spend lots of time – your home!

As we open up the windows and fresh air flows into our homes, it’s a great time to spend some time cleaning up. Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth! It is amazing how refreshing it can be to organize a space in your living area. You can absolutely get ambitious and clean multiple areas but for our challenge this month at least pick one. What space in your home do you use often and could use some attention?

How does cleaning our homes affect our health? As we always say… it is all connected! When your space is clean(er) and less cluttered.. it can actually help your brain to feel less cluttered as well. If you are able to find what you are looking for it creates a lot more ease. It also can feel good to throw things out! Just like we need to let go of emotional baggage, physically clearing space can help with that as well!

Do you need some motivation? Make it fun! First make your goal (what space do you want to clean/organize?). Then determine when you will commit to getting this done.

Think about things such as how long will it take you? (5 minutes? 5 hours?) Do you need any supplies to accomplish this task? And most importantly – think about how it will FEEL when you are done! How will it bring more ease and joy into your life? And if need be set a reward for yourself when it is finished! Turn up your favorite music or podcast and get it done!

Here’s to cleaner spaces this month!