Are you ready for a RESET?

Do you ever wish you had a reset button?  A time to just start over again and start fresh?  Many people wish they had that button for their health.  And although a quick push of a button would be NICE, it isn’t quite possible (yet).  Great news though – with a little bit of effort and time, you can do a health reset!  One of the most effective ways to affect your health is through your diet.  Many of us have digestive systems that never get a break and are constantly bombarded with many pesticides, chemicals and toxins.  How much could a small break help?  Lots, actually!

Spring has officially begun and this is a perfect time to help clean your insides!  Many people do spring cleaning in their house, why not in your body?  You may be surprised on how much healing your body can do in a couple of weeks!  Often times people will choose to do a cleanse which is a great way to rid your body of extra toxic buildup.  But instead of just cleansing your body, what if you also helped rebuild your body and feed it in a way that helps it heal? This can also help establish some new healthy habits that will carry on and continue to help you on a daily basis.

Would you like to have more energy?  Less sugar cravings?  Less inflammation and pain?  A clearer mind?  Less mood swings?  If you answered yes to any of the above then you may want to consider taking some time to change your nutrition and see how you feel!

A great thing to do is take out the major allergens out of your diet – soy, corn, gluten, and dairy for at least two weeks and then slowly add each one back in and see how you feel.  You may be surprised to find you are sensitive to one (or more!) of them.  And that may not just show up as gut disturbances – but also in things such as mood, skin breakouts and energy levels!

If you want something that is already all laid out for you in detail, Dr. Keppy recommends Misty Litt’s amazing Whole Health Reset program. Not only do you get a step-by-step guide but also access to a Facebook group where you get support from others as well as Misty herself!  Dr. Keppy did the Whole Health Resent program in January (along with her husband) and both loved the results!