Is the flu really a season?

Typically our wonderful season of winter can also be referred to as “flu” season.  I don’t know about you, but I would much prefer winter over the flu!  But what happens during winter than tends to coincide with more sickness?  One of the main reasons is…. More time spent inside and less time spent outside!

When there is nice weather we typically are outside more.  Often times this means we are more active (especially for children!).  We also are getting lots of fresh air (sometimes in our houses as well because we leave the windows open).  And another huge factor is SUNSHINE!  Did you know your body actually makes vitamin D from sunshine?  (how cool are our bodies?!) Vitamin D plays a huge role in immunity!

How can we translate that into winter instead of flu season?  Well we can get outside more – even when it’s cold out.  If it is sunny out, go out for a few minutes and get some sunshine on your face (preferably without sunscreen if possible).  Take some long refreshing breaths.  If we get a warm day, open up the window for a while.   Add a few more minutes to your exercise routine to keep your body working strong.  Some individuals find supplementing with Vitamin D during the winter can be helpful as well.

What is another way to keep your immune system strong? Getting adjusted on a regular basis!  Since your nervous system is the master control system of your body, this also means the nervous system has a huge role on the functioning of your immune system.  Getting adjusted ensures your nervous system is working optimally, without interference.  Did you know the word “subluxation” ( a misalignment in your spine causing an interference in communication) literally means “less light”?  More light = more health!

The good news is that our days are getting longer.  Let’s keep the “flu” out of winter by making healthy choices.  Just say no to 5 seasons! 🙂