jumprope and dumbbell on hardwood floor

Focus on Strength

Now is a great time to focus on physical STRENGTH.  Many people do make those new years resolutions and DO start working out (again) in January. This is great! (and even better if you stick to it!).

Aerobic exercise is very important…. and so is adding exercise that builds strength.  When we focus on specific muscle groups getting stronger it can affect how our whole body functions.  This does not mean you necessarily need to do weight training – often times using your own body weight is sufficient!  Think of things like push-ups, squats and planks!  

When it comes to the spine, core strength is key in holding your adjustments.  One great way to increase your core strength is to do things that require BALANCE.  Using a wobble board/chair or exercise ball is a fun, easy way to incorporate balance.  If you don’t have these items you can also do things like stand on one foot while brushing your teeth.  All the little things you do in a day can add up to making a big health impact.  

You can easily add 10 push-ups or 10 squats to your daily routine.  You don’t have to start big!  Baby steps are ok!  What about right now – are you sitting with your abs tight and shoulders back?  Yes postural awareness can build strength too!  How about doing heel lifts while washing dishes?  Or grabbing a few cans of soup out of the pantry and doing some curls?  Make it fun!

What is ONE thing that you could add in your daily routine to increase your strength?