picture odf jars with supplements in them

February: Focus on Supplements

One walk into the vitamin section of any store is enough to overwhelm ANYONE.  There are so many options for supplements and vitamins – how does one even begin to know what they need to take and what is actually good?  Although this article is not enough to address that HUGE question let’s take a moment and discuss why anyone would need supplements in the first place!

The first question to ponder would be – if we all ate the perfect diet would we need supplements at all?  And for the most part, I would say NO we would not need to supplement.  But there is also the argument that our foods are not as healthy as they used to be due to less than optimal farming conditions.  And let’s face it – most of us don’t even come close to eating “perfect.”  For ease sake, here are the supplements Dr. Keppy and her family taken on a regular basis:

Juice Plus (red/green) – this is in place of a “multi-vitamin.”  Juice Plus is organic fruits and veggies dehydrated in a powder and put in a capsule.  The best thing about Juice plus is it comes from nature – not from a lab.  

Vit D3+K2 – because of where we live, it is important to supplement with Vitamin D in the winter months (all year long if you do not go outside very much in the other seasons).  The combination of D3+K2 is the most absorbable form of vitamin D. Vit D is a key in good immune system function.  Since Vit D is fat soluble, it is one you do not want to overdo.  You can easily check your Vit D levels with a blood test to be sure you are taking an amount that is right for you.

Fish Oil/Omegas – this is great for heart and brain heatlh. If you eat fish on a regular basis there is no need to supplement with this.

Probiotic – these are great for gut heath! There are many different types depending on what type of result you are hoping to achieve.  If you ever happen to have to take antibiotics, make sure you supplement with a hefty probiotic.  It is also a good idea to change the strains of bacteria you are taking about every 6 months.

Magnesium – many people are deficient in Mg.  This supplement can help stabilize mood, decrease muscle cramps and help with restful sleep.  

If you are curious on if the supplements you are taking on a daily basis are working well for you – feel free to bring in a couple at a time to your chiropractic appointment and Dr. Keppy can muscle test to see if what your taking is effective.  A quick muscle test can let you know if your body has an allergy to the supplement and if you are actually using it.