Injury auto accident

Unfortunately many auto accidents happen every single day.  Did you know the average (driving) person will be in approximately 4 auto crashes in their lifetime?  Yikes!  Fortunately most crashes are minor… but did you know even a minor crash can cause significant injury to the spine?  In fact, being rear ended (most common) at 5mph or more is enough to cause injury.

In most minor accidents people report feeling fine after a few days or complaining of some mild aches or pains.  Many don’t seek medical treatment and even fewer know to seek chiropractic care.  We often have the association that if there isn’t much pain or no pain, we are fine.  But… are you?  Only seeking care from a chiropractor can tell you for sure if your spine has been compromised.  Often times people don’t get checked out and then years later start to have problems (headaches, pain, migraines, difficulty concentrating, etc).

Another huge population that goes largely untreated are kids.  This especially includes kids that are in car seats because we assume they are protected well.  This is not always the case and they should definitely be checked as well, even if there is no reported pain.  Kids have so much growth and development ahead – making sure their nervous systems are functioning well is key to a healthy, productive life!

car accident

If your car has damage, it’s likely you may have damage too.  It’s best to have those problems addressed ASAP as opposed to waiting for years until symptoms show up.  Waiting will also increase the healing time substantially.

Accidents are never fun but don’t forget about your most prized possession – YOU and your family!!