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It’s hard to believe that (most) kids are already well into their school year! New school year means new stresses – backpacks, homework, peer pressure, deadlines and sports (and more!).

What can help each kid’s body be able to deal with these stressors?  Getting checked by a chiropractor of course!

Do you know how well your child’s body is working?  How is their liver function?  Immune system?  Kidney function?  Brain function?  Of course we don’t usually actually KNOW these things unless we have recently taken them to a doctor to specifically have them tested.  But what if there was a way to help ensure that their bodies were working the best that they could?  Would you do it?

Our bodies communicate via the nervous system.  The brain is constantly sending BILLIONS of messages every single second of every single day to the trillions of cells in your body, and those trillions of cells are constantly sending messages back to the brain.  How does this happen?  The brain sends messages down through the spinal cord and out through the spinal nerves.  Those spinal nerves branch into smaller nerves so that there is a connection to every cell.  Optimal connection = Optimal results.  What would happen is that connection was cut off?  There would be no function.  What would happen if that connection was interfered with?  The message would be distorted and there would be dis-ease (lack of ease) in the body.

Our spinal cord is protected by 24 spinal bones (called vertebra).  When one of these bones become misaligned slightly (called a “subluxation”) the nerves can be negatively affected.  This causes the message distortion, the dis-ease in the body.  Dis-ease, left long enough, can eventually lead to disease in the body. Headaches, sleep disturbances, ear infections, mood swings and difficulty concentrating are all potential signs that your child has subluxations that need to be addressed by a doctor of chiropractic.  Even if your child has ZERO symptoms wouldn’t it be best to still make sure everything if functioning optimally?

How do you ensure that your child’s body is fully connected?  By getting checked by a chiropractor!  A chiropractor is the ONLY profession that gives specific spinal adjustments to ensure optimal health in the body. The chiropractic adjustment is all about connection!

Here’s to having the best school year yet!