Summertime… And the Living is Easy??

Ahhhhhh summertime!  Long, lazy days of sunshine and vacation and no worries, right?!  Oh we wish!  Summertime can definitely be a much welcome break for many, but with it can still bring plenty of stressors.  Vacations, although wonderful, can be stressful to plan as well as execute.  Kids out of school can be challenging with lack of schedules or finding child care and activities to keep them busy.  It seems as though people are more and more busy in the summertime trying to get in all the fun and activities!  How can you still enjoy your summer without sacrificing your health?

1- Staying Hydrated.  With warmer temperatures comes more sweat!  This means we need to replenish those lost fluids.  Water is a great option and gel water is even better!  Gel water is water that has added electrolytes (naturally).  This would be a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime in your water, or some cucumber slices.  You can even put a pinch of Himalayan salt in your water!  If you find yourself drinking a ton of water and never feeling hydrated, this is a great idea!

2- Enjoy fresh fruits and veggies. One wonderful thing about summer is all the produce that comes into season!  Did you know in-season produce is even better for you?  Yes it is!  And local produce comes in high on the charts.  Organic is best if you are able!  Eating plenty of fresh fruits and veggies will also help you stay hydrated.  Take advantage of all the goodies there are to eat right now!  Your body will thank you for all of the wonderful nutrients.

3- Take a vacation for YOU!  Sometimes vacations can create a lot of stress.  What can you do just for you?  You don’t even have to travel or have a ton of time. Maybe it’s an afternoon at the coffee shop with a book.  Maybe a bike ride or a hike in the mountains?  A massage?  A dinner out with an old friend?These small breaks of self-care can result in huge dividends in your emotional health.

4- Get adjusted!  We tend to be more active in the summer as well as travel more.  This can create  disturbances in your nervous system.  The best foundational way to make sure your body is functioning optimally is to make sure the master control system of your body (your nervous system) is well connected – this is what chiropractors do!  Regular chiropractic adjustments will help your whole body work and feel better.

5- Keep moving your body!   Take advantage of the longer daylight hours.  Getting up a bit earlier to enjoy a walk outside will start your entire day on the right foot.  Or try a walk in the evening to wind down your day. Life is motion and the more you move, the better!

One thing is for certain with summer – it goes by fast!  Enjoy your summer and enjoy great health!