picture of water being poured into a glass from a water bottle

Keeping Hydrated

Summer is here and the heat is turned UP!

Staying hydrated is something most of us KNOW we need to do… but some still struggle with getting enough water in throughout the day.  And there is always the question – how much water IS enough??  Unfortunately since every individual is SO different there is no “rule” that works for all.  Below are some ways to help you get more water into your day!

Just drink more!  Try to take a few days and drink more water than you typically do in a day.  Note how you feel!  Do you feel more energy?  Does your skin feel different?  Are you more alert?  

Get a water bottle you love.  Another fun way to get enough water in your day is to drink it out of a container that you love!  In fact they even have fancy water bottles these days that can help you track your intake.  Or you can try writing positive messages on your bottle, or put your favorite motivational stickers on it!

Add fruits or veggies.  Try adding lemon slices or cucumber slices to you water.  This actually helps your body to absorb the water even better and tastes great too!

Drink water first thing in the morning.  Start your day with a large glass of water upon waking.  This is a great way to kick start your day and give your body the much needed hydration after going all night without.

Look at your output.  The color of your urine can tell you a lot about your hydration levels.  Aim for very light yellow or clear.

Tell your family or friends.  If you want to reach a goal, sharing it with others keeps you accountable!  Let others know you are trying to get more water in your day and they will help you stay to it!.  

The benefits of adequate hydration are far reaching!  Take a drink of refreshing water RIGHT NOW! 🙂