Our Care

True healthcare focuses on all aspects of your health. We combine chiropractic care and homeopathics to create a powerful and fail safe means of restoring normal healing patterns. This allows us to go beyond the symptoms so we can treat the cause of your health problems- no matter what they are.


It’s all about connection! Your body functions through the nervous system (your brain, spinal cord, and nerves) – every cell needs to have a clear connection to the brain and vice versa. When everything is your body is connected as it should your body is able to heal and grow effectively. We do this by giving specific, gentle adjustments when and where your body needs it.


Health is not just chasing symptoms. It is about finding underlying causes and helping to teach your body healthy healing patterns. It is about getting confidence in your body and how it works. Restoring normal patterns in your body allows for your body to function effectively. We accomplish this through a simple biosequencing scan to see exactly what your body needs and recommend specific homeopathic remedies.


Not only can years of ill health take a toll on your emotions, certain events throughout life can have a huge continual effect on your emotional health. Health is not limited to the physical; emotional health is extremely vital. When your emotional health is well you are able to get on purpose and to shine! We help your emotional health through specific homeopathic remedies and working through emotional locks if they should come up.

We let your body guide us.

Please note that we do not actually treat any diseases. We work with your body and your specific needs and help you to heal. As a result, often times diagnosed “diseases” and other symptomatic problems disappear and/or conditions improve vastly.