Thank you for five years at Keppy Family Chiropractic Aurora Colorado

Happy 5 Years to Keppy Family Chiropractic… thanks to YOU!

It is hard to believe that 5 years has passed since I officially opened the doors to my own practice. It has definitely been one of the most scary and rewarding things I have done! All along the way I have been SO blessed to have such amazing patients come through the doors on a daily basis. Really it is not MY practice, it is OUR practice!

I love seeing lives changed as people discover the amazing healing that can come from a chiropractic adjustment..or the healing that is inspired through homeopathic remedies. We do not work to produce temporary results, we want to see true HEALTH in each individual. In a world filled with toxins and stress and quick-fixes, we want everyone to know we are different! We help your body to adapt to our ever-changing world and hope to encourage you to make choices to help your world to be an even better place!

All this month we will be focused on patient appreciation because we truly appreciate you! We would not have doors open if it wasn’t for you and your friends and family that you tell about our practice! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

Love, Dr. Keppy and Tobi

Join us for fun!
Week 1: Cinco De Mayo Celebration Week
Week 2: Red Carpet Movie Star Week
Week 3: Birthday Party Week
Week 4: Luau Week

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