Love Your Body Program

What is the Love Your Body Program?


This program is designed to help you love your body more!  Our thoughts and feelings towards our body have a huge impact on how we feel and even how we heal and function.  The purpose of the program is to focus on different areas of our body and bring more love to those areas, in turn creating a happier, healthier body!


Who is it for?

Everyone! People do not need to be patients in our office to participate.  If they would like the weekly email or text we will need their information.  Otherwise everything will be posted on Facebook.  This is a great opportunity for families to connect together!


How does the program work?

Each month we will be focusing on a different area of our body.  Each week, a weekly love growth opportunity (WLGO) will be sent out via email or text (also will be posted in office and on our Facebook page).  Your goal is to complete the simple task sometime during the week.

We will also be using an essential oil rollerball (or scent/oil/lotion you choose) to connect with our bodies and send gratitude and positive messages on a daily basis.


Why do I have to commit with an email or text?

You don’t have to but having a reminder on your phone or in your email inbox is a great way to stay accountable to the weekly love growth opportunity. If you would like to get added to our list please send us an email with your preferred communication method and we will add you to the list! Or you can choose to follow our Facebook page.


When does the program start?

Our program launches Monday, February 5th and will continue through April 28th. You can join us at any time!


Do I need an essential oil or rollerball to participate?

No, but it is highly recommended to choose a scented item. The purpose of your rollerball (or scent of your choice) is to use it on a DAILY basis, along with a positive thought or affirmation about your body. You may apply it anywhere you would like – popular points being on the wrists, behinds the ears, over the heart or on the soles of the feet. Take a moment to truly connect with what you are doing. A few examples of loving thoughts would be “I love my body” (or “I am beginning to love my body”) or “I am beautiful” (or “I am beginning to know I am beautiful”) or “I am so thankful for my amazing body.” As long as it is filled with love or gratitude – you are doing it well!