COVID-19 Updates

Current Office Procedures
Here at Keppy Family Chiropractic we are doing all we can to follow current guidelines and keep our practice be safe for all.  These measures include:

*Complete sanitization/wipe down of all equipment (chiropractic table, adjusting instruments, etc) and high-touch areas (doorknobs, chairs, Square reader, etc.) in between each patient (family) visit.

*Scheduling patient visits with adequate time in between to do all the above sanitizing and to also promote social distancing (you will not be in the office with another patient/family).  If you arrive at the office and the door is locked, we are currently still with a patient and we ask you to please wait in the hallway.  Please come as close to your scheduled appointment time as possible.

*Most payments can be made completely touch free.

*In compliance of Public Health Order 2-28, Dr. Keppy and Tobi will wear face masks. This order also requires patients to wear masks as well.

*Dr. Keppy will be washing her hands (following proper guidelines) before each patient encounter.

*Hand sanitizer is available for patients while in the office.

*We will have limited toys available for your children to play with.  All toys will be sanitized before placing back out to play with.

*We are still unable to see patients who are sick or have come in contact with a known COVID-19 case (in past 14 days).  If you are having any symptoms please call to reschedule.

**We will be doing everything to keep OURSELVES healthy in order to continue to serve all of you!